EAEA Cleans Panda Pier Ghetto

On August 19, 2023, The foundation of Africa Smart talents (FAST) , a non –profit youth- driven initiative that is dedicated to fostering positive change and empowerment through talent nurturing and development, together with East Africa Entrepreneurs Association (EAEA)  organized a significant and transformative event named “Crossing the Slum to Bring Hope” took place in Panda Pier, Luzira-Nakawa Division, Kampala, Uganda. Panda Pier is a small slum community located in Luzira, Kampala district Nakawa Division with a population of about 500 people.

Objectives of the event:

➢ Giving back to the community through donation.

➢ Improve Sanitation.

➢ Community empowerment

➢ Talent development

➢ Strengthen community relation

At EAEA we believe that investing in the community through both organizational services and Cooperate Social Responsibility (CRS) through donation and volunteering creates a positive social impact on Communities, entrepreneurs, and families. Therefore at the event, EAEA sponsored 80% of the donated items to Pier panda community members. Donation is among the few ways we care for people at and around East Africa Entrepreneurs Association.

The strengthen of the Community relationship… When people work as a team, a strong bond is created. During the event activity number one was general cleaning where the community members showed their dedication and appreciation to the organization through hands on free participation in the cleanness of Panda Pier community. The bond created via EAEA management interactions with people has strengthened our community relationship with Panda Pier.

Hygiene and Sanitation Campaigns were designed and carried out on the event to raise awareness about essential hygiene and sanitation practices. Our lead with grit and determination was to improve the overall health and create a smart and clean working environment in slum areas. Emphasizing, clean water, health, proper garbage disposal were one of the key aspects.

EAEA we believe we have responsibility to our people in the community and the world which we operate in, therefore as we plan to make our business more sustainable we should remain mindful of effective management of the environment. This will not only help in environmental protection but also in sustainable development.

“Crossing the Slum to Bring Hope” Event Illuminates Panda Pier with Empowerment and Change. The main purpose of this event was to provide a platform for talented individuals especially the young children and the youth coming from humble backgrounds to showcase their skills and talents.
At EAEA we believe that the development of talents can open doors for other industries like education, tourism and health. This will highlight the transformative Power or Talent.

The “Crossing the Slum to Bring Hope” event showcased EAEA’s dedication to creating positive change and empowerment among the community members living in slums. The success of the event was attributed to the collective efforts of partnering organization such as Uganda Red cross, well-wishers, local government administration, dedicated volunteers, and the Panda Pier community. As the event concluded, it marked the beginning of an ongoing commitment to collaboration. Lots of EAEA development projects are designed and they are yet to be implemented in Panda Pier such projects include skilling and Computer training projects.

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