EAEA advocates for the rights of Entrepreneurs at all relevant national forums, this includes but not limited to; Government Ministries, departments and Authorities, Non-governmental organizations, Councils and Municipalities and Any other relevant local and international forum. EAEA conducts research on the different issues affecting the business community especially the MSME sector and presents them to the different bodies with which it is affiliated so as to promote a favorable and productive business environment. It also studies different laws and policies in order to safeguard the business community. 
    EAEA organizes and provides opportunities for its members to participate in networking events such as corporate dinners, cocktails, meetings, seminars, workshops, exhibitions and other relevant events. Therefore, being a member of EAEA, you will have the opportunity to network with one another and even build up business relationships through being bonded together by the association.

A big number of EAEA members can testify to a variety of opportunities that have come their way through merely interacting with other members while networking at such events. Interaction and exchange of ideas is an essential ingredient to keeping up with the dynamic and ever changing face of the business scene and if one is to keep on track the most appropriate mode would be to take advantage of the networking platforms that the EAEA offers to its members.

    EAEA is the major source of information on MSME sector in East Africa. As a member of EAEA, you will receive valuable information and other relevant issues that will be of great impact to your business. The business community regularly searches for up-to-date reliable information pertaining to the different trades that they are engaged in.

EAEA is the one stop center for all these needs since all relevant information can be obtained in addition to a wide range of opportunities that one can obtain by merely becoming a member. The world is a global village today and several barriers have been broken down through modern technology and communication systems. EAEA plays a major role of searching for opportunities from all over the world for its members.

EAEA is also a one stop Centre for foreign business men and women in search of trade opportunities in Easr Africa and through EAEA members can easily access information such as this and readily position themselves so as to take advantage of such opportunities that come their way. 

    EAEA conducts a number of inward and outward trade missions in which our members can participate in. Marketing oneself or their products is essential and of the most thrilling and adventurous techniques of doing this is through participating in inward and outward trade missions. This can involve travelling to other countries to sell your products or to buy machinery that is on offer at attractive prices.

As a member of EAEA, the opportunities can be unfolded and presented to you since as the Association we are able to lead you through it all and deliver to opportunities that you and your business had never imagined. The vast contacts and relationships that EAEA has been able to build over these many years of existence make it the ideal partner for the most fruitful business adventure when taking part in trade missions.

  1. Advancing the cause of Entrepreneurs.

This is attained through the following activities

  • Promotion and development of markets both local and internationally
  • Sourcing and channeling of capital and technical assistance
  • Education and training
  • Encouraging the development of infrastructure (factory shells, incubation centers t.c) for the promotion of Entrepreneurs activities. 
  1. ENTREPRENEUR TRAINING. EAEA Provides training and services to Entrepreneurs to enable them to graduate to being large-scale industries.
    As a member of EAEA, You will receive regular updates from the Secretariat through E-Mails, Newsletters to keep you updated with current issues relating to your business.