Our Strategic Plan

If you need the full document of EAEA Strategic Plan, kindly send us an email on: bds@eaentrepreneurs.org or Call/ Whatsapp: +256701342220

Background and Distinctive Competence
East Africa Entrepreneurs Association (EAEA) is one of the fastest growing private sector membership organization in the Region. It enjoys adverse membership from the entire private sector, particularly from ICT, Tourism, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Energy, Trading, Banking, Medium, Small and Micro enterprises.

The institution is focused on promoting the development of MSME to become the main vehicle for expanding production, providing sustainable jobs, improving household incomes and enhancing economic growth and development in East Africa.

The Ministries, Departments and Authorities and development partners are increasingly recognizing EAEA as a committed business association dedicated to advancing entrepreneurship development within the East Africa Region. This unique position enhances EAEA ability to anticipate stakeholder expectations in time and formulate appropriate responses thereto.

EAEA collaboration and partnerships in the recent past have included: Governments, Regional Bodies, Ministries, Departments, Authorities, Business Membership organisations (BMOs) and Embassies among others.

Purpose of the Strategic Plan
The main purpose of this plan is to provide a clear strategic direction to the Board, Management, and staff by articulating EAEA’s objectives and strategic interventions, and priority areas of business focus for the next five years.

The plan serves as:

  • A basis for detailed planning & program implementation.
  •  A frame work for performance review & decision making.
  • An Aid for securing approval & support.
  • An explanation of the Nature & performance of EAEA in order to inform & motivate.
  • A tool for bench marking & performance monitoring and Evaluation.
  •  An aid for stimulating change & building a block for the next Plan.

Planning Process
The Plan has been formulated with wide consultations among key EAEA stakeholders and leaders. The consultation process generated rich data which the consultant processed in close consultation with the Country Director into a draft Strategic Plan that was presented to the Board of Directors for final review. Following the incorporation of the Board input, the strategic plan was subsequently, considered and duly adopted by an Extra ordinary Board Meeting held on 2 August 2018.

Structure of the Plan
Section 1: Introduces the plan, followed by a statement of the Vision, Mission, and Core Values.
Section 2: Focuses on EAEA Five year strategic direction.
Section 3: Focuses on the Current Associations performance and scans the operational environment to determine the key external & internal factors that are likely to determine EAEA s’ distinctive competence & influence the implementation of this plan.
Section 4: Presents the EAEAs’ priority areas of focus and its strategic goals and objectives for the next 5 years, along with an implementation Log Frame containing the key strategic interventions, outputs, outcomes, performance indicators & financial projections.

If you need the full document of EAEA Strategic Plan, kindly send us an email on: bds@eaentrepreneurs.org or Call/ Whatsapp: +256701342220