EAEA Structures

EAEA is a decentralized   association with a Secretariat and Six National chapters each with zonal/ provincial offices and district branches within East Africa.

EAEA Secretariat

EAEA Secretariat is the central coordination office for all activities of EAEA internally and   externally headed by the President and Secretary General.

Location: EAEA Secretariat is located at Plot 19B, Chorley Crescent, Luzira, Nakawa Division, Kampala Uganda, P.O Box 21592, Kampala, Tel:  +256 393 208214, Email: [email protected] ; [email protected].

EAEA National Executive Committees / National Chapters

EAEA has Six National chapters based on East African countries, which are the National Headquarters of EAEA in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, and South Sudan.

The National Chapter is headed by the National Chairperson who oversee the activities of the National Executive Committee (NEC)   and    presides    over    the general management   of EAEA at the National level.

The Chief   Executive Officer of the NEC is the Country Director who is responsible for:

  • The Management   of the  affairs  of the NEC
  • The day  to day  administration   of the National office
  • Attending and recording   the minutes   of the   NEC   and   the   Annual National General meeting and committees established by the NEC.

EAEA National Chapter Locations

Uganda: The Uganda Chapter headquarter is located at Plot 19B, Chorley Crescent, Luzira, Nakawa Division, Kampala, Tel: +256701342220, Email: [email protected], with 9 regional offices, 90 district branches and 12 border offices.

Kenya: The Kenya Chapter headquarter is located at P.O Box No. 65824-00607, Nairobi, Kenya, Tel No. 254- 722457682, Email: [email protected] with 7 province offices and 90 district branches.