About EAEA

East Africa Entrepreneurs Association (EAEA) is a regional membership association composed of entrepreneurs and innovators whose underlying theory of change is ensuring the enabling environment for sustainability of entrepreneur-led growth in the East Africa.

EAEA was formed as a private sector body and has since grown to become a vibrant and credible business association, owned by members of the East African business community. It was founded by promoters with long experience in both public and private experience with resolutions to foster trade, investment and opportunities.

EAEA was established on the realization that entrepreneurship forms the pivot upon which socio-economic development is anchored. Within East African Community (EAC) region comprising: Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda and South Sudan, Governments are forging UNITY. But what about the PRIVATE SECTOR UNITY? The answer is East Africa Entrepreneurs Association (EAEA).

EAEA is an advocate for appropriate economic policies and focuses its efforts on encouraging a favorable business and investment climate, and working with international, regional, and local partners and governments to enhance business opportunities, technology transfer and capacities for the sustainability of entrepreneurs.

East Africa Entrepreneurs Association (EAEA) aims to positively impact the development of Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (MSMEs) to become the main vehicle for expanding production, providing sustainable jobs, improving household incomes and enhancing economic growth and development in EAC region.


To be the most effective regional umbrella body for advancement of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to operate and trade beyond borders regionally and internationally.


To ensure and strengthen a favorable environment that supports entrepreneurship development, synergies and knowledge share for business growth and sustainability.


To achieve the vision & mission, EAEA setup the following priority values to define behavior and performance of its staff;

  1. The Quality Service in a  timely  and  efficient  manner.
  2. The   Passion   to   making   our   members   and   partners successful.
  3. The   Integrity to   do   what’s   right   in   a   fairness   and transparency manner.
  4. The Innovation to create leading solutions for real-world challenges.