cbs fm, Courtesy call at EAEA Secretariat

East Africa Entrepreneurs Association (EAEA) had the privilege of hosting Mr. Michael Buluma from CBS at its secretariat in Luzira, Nakawa. We had fruitful deliberations and obtained valuable information about advertising rates and options for promoting EAEA services and products through CBS print media, FM radio, billboards, and social media platforms.

CBS is owned by the Buganda Kingdom and has over twenty years of experience. It operates TV and FM stations. CBS has two FM stations: one (89.2) FM for youth programs and another (88.8) FM station for mature audiences.

Central broadcasting Service Limited is a limited company incorporated under the laws of Uganda. Broadcasting with two stations; 88.8 CBS radio yóbujajja and 89.2 Cbs Emmanduso both located on Masengere Bulding at Bulange Mengo.CBS is a Buganda Kingdom entity.It started on-air broadcasting on 22 June,1996.

Audience and Reach

It is estimated that CBS FM commands an audience of over 3.5million loyal listeners, given the scope of the stations coverage and the fact that Uganda’s population is concentrated in Buganda (over 6million people). The station upgraded its transmission capacity when it got its own 126-metre mast. A new 10 Kw transmitter was installed (in October 2002) giving the two stations extensive coverage across Uganda’s ‘money belt’. In December 2005, another transmitter was installed in Masaka, designed to boost the signal strength for 89.2CBS FM in South and South Western Uganda.


CBS opened a new chapter in radio programming in Uganda by departing from what was regarded as ‘popular radio’ then, where all FM radio stations were emulations of American and European music radio formats. CBS started on the unbeaten track, seeking to be relevant to its audience identity and adopted the local format, with most programs being broadcast in a range of local languages, with Luganda using up most airtime on 88.8FM and 89.2FM. Primarily ‘edutainment’ stations, focusing on delivery of educative information, CBS programming recognizes and emphasizes traditional and cultural values as vital pillars and catalysts in development. Music and programs are therefore specifically packaged to reflect the desires and aspirations of the stations target audience.

Target audience

Due to the unique nature of CBS’ product, It attracts all categories of listeners, with 88.8FM skewed towards adults who understand and cherish their local culture & 89.2FM addressing the more youthful audience who live the Central Ugandan culture. CBS listeners therefore range from top policy makers, Government technocrats, the Middle class as well as locals of all walks of life.  As such, CBS is popularly known as “radio yaffe” which inferences mean the “our radio station” and “the people’s own radio”.  CBS collaborates with various organizations; local and international, government ministries, and agencies, to maximize information dissemination to the general and specific audiences.

The information provided a comprehensive understanding of the advertising options and costs available through CBS media channels for promoting EAEA services and products.

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