Uganda Starts Exporting Beef To Egypt

Egypt-Uganda Food Security Company (EUFS), based in Luweero, Uganda completed its first 50-ton meat shipment to Egypt recently. The abattoir, touted as the largest in Africa began operations since its commissioning in 2016, following an agreement between the two countries. The move is poised to make Uganda’s economy better with foreign exchange earnings from the meat export.

President Museveni inaugurated the Egypt-Uganda Food Security Company meat processing facility in Luwero in 2016, as Africa’s largest slaughterhouse. Museveni pointed out that Uganda produces the finest beef, originating from organically fed livestock.

It is estimated that about $50 million (about Shs183 billion) will be accrued annually once the EUFS factory starts fully exporting value-added beef products.

The facility has capacity to butcher not less than 400 animals in one single shift. It also has space to hold up to nearly 5,000 animals waiting to be slaughtered.

With top range coolers, skinning equipment and processing facilities, EUFS is one of the most modern slaughterhouse in the region

In the year 2017, the trade value between Uganda and Egypt had shot up by 27 per cent. Egypt’s private sector seemed interested to invest in Uganda, in a bid to register the success experienced by French companies.


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