• EIMA Delegation
    EIMA Delegation
    A Delegation of EAEA Members involved in Agribusiness at the Italian Embassy in Kampala. They were sent off by H.E. Domenico Fornara
  • EAC Intellectual Property Workshop
    EAC Intellectual Property Workshop
    Workshop to Validate the Draft Report for the EAC Regional Policy for Science Technology and Innovation and Intellectual Property on 24th-25th September 2018 at Kenya School of Monetary Studies, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Uganda-DRC Business Forum
    Uganda-DRC Business Forum
    The 7th Session of Uganda-DRC Joint Permanent Commission Senior officials meeting at Speke Resort Munyonyo, Meera conference hall. Strengthen cooperation between Uganda and DRC.
  • COMESA Competition Commission Training
    COMESA Competition Commission Training
    Sensitization And Training Of District Commercial Officers And Private Sector Umbrella Organizations On Competition Law And Practices At Ridar Hotel-Uganda 27th -28th September 2018
  • EAEA agri-business Members who attended the National Ploughing Championship, Dublin, Ireland 2018
  • Members of EAEA at a press meeting at the Irish Embassy in Kampala
  • A Delegation of EAEA Members at the Irish Embassy Kampala, before they set off to Ireland to attend the National Ploughing Championship
  • Ensuring that Entrepreneurs’ Interactions with national, regional & international organizations are mutually beneficial (Win-Win strategy).
  • Enhancing Skilled Human Capacity Development
  • We work to support the EAC economic, political, social and cultural integration
  • Promotion and development of markets both locally, regionally and internationally
  • Advocating for the rights of Entrepreneurs at all relevant national & regional fora, this includes but not be limited to: i) Government Ministries, departments and Authorities ii) Non-governmental organizations. iii) Councils and Municipalities iv) Any other relevant local, regional and international fora.
  • Encouraging the development of infrastructure (factory shells, incubation centers e.t.c) for the promotion of Entrepreneurs activities

The 7th Session of Uganda -DRC Joint Permanent Commission Senior officials meeting at Speke Resort , Munyonyo, Meera conference hall from October 17th – 19th, 2018

The   Government of   Uganda hosted the   7thSession    of Uganda  – Democratic Republic    of Congo   (DRC) Joint   Permanent   Commission   (JPC) from   17th to19th October   2018.

During the  JPC,  the   Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with East Africa Entrepreneurs Association (EAEA) convened  a Business  and Investment  Forum  on  Thursday  18th    October    2018  at  Speke Resort   Munyonyo.

The forum involved key business players and stakeholders from both Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo and discussed key issues of promoting cross border trade through custom to custom cooperation, eliminating of non-tariff barriers, harmonizing of trade and regulatory standards in the development of SMEs and sharing information.

The total volume of trade between Uganda and DRC is approximately 438 million dollars inconsideration of informal trading, and the  most traded products includes manufactured goods like cement, steel, garments, plastics, beef,fish and agricultural commodities.

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