Fostering Sustainable Innovation in the Green and Blue Economy Sectors: STARTUP10 Project

The STARTUP10 Project, implemented by East Africa Entrepreneurs Association – Incubator and Innovation Center (EAEA-IIC) in partnership of  CIHEAM Bari in Italy, stands at the forefront of a pioneering initiative dedicated to training and fortifying entrepreneurial capabilities for sustainable innovation in the “Green” and “Blue” Economy Sectors. Operating across 10 partner countries through Italian cooperation, the project’s overarching goals include empowering young graduates in these sectors, enhancing managerial skills, consolidating local start-ups in Agri-food, green, and blue economies, and fostering collaborative ventures between local enterprises and Italian SMEs. In a strategic collaboration with the International Trade Agency (ITA), the project also prioritizes training technicians in applied high technology for agriculture.

Anticipating a multitude of outcomes, the project envisions the strengthening of business incubators, empowerment of local startups, facilitation of collaborations among diverse stakeholders, training of young graduates in crucial sustainable development areas, and technical training in high technology applied to agriculture.

Recent activities under the STARTUP10 Project included targeted training sessions for focal point and incubator managers conducted by CIHEAM Bari. Mr. Tony Wamala, serving as the National Focal Point Manager for Uganda and Director of Business Development Services at the East Africa Entrepreneurs Association, played a key role in representing the association.

The inaugural activity, Activity 1.1, witnessed the implementation of a management training course involving 22 Focal Country managers of local incubators, with an additional 50 managers participating remotely. Conducted via Zoom from November 27 to November 30, 2023, the training engaged both physical and remote participants and concluded at 5:00 pm EAT on November 30, 2023.

Post-training, the East Africa Entrepreneurs Association (EAEA) extends an invitation for participation from individuals or organizations with innovative ideas or projects in the green or blue economies. Interested parties are encouraged to fill out the form provided below:

EAEA emphasizes the crucial role of community involvement for the success of the STARTUP10 Project. The commitment of participants is recognized as instrumental in achieving the project’s objectives, and their valuable contributions are eagerly anticipated for the collective advancement of sustainable innovation in the targeted sectors.


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