Chairman’s Message For The Website

Tony Wamala
East Africa Entrepreneurs Association (EAEA)

East Africa Entrepreneurs Association (EAEA) is a regional business confederation composed of Entrepreneurs involved in the running of business enterprises in East Africa.

We are committed to ensure that our members, who span from Micro, Small, Medium and large corporations, take advantage of business opportunities locally, regionally and internationally.

Our main focus is towards advocating for appropriate economic policies and interventions that encourage a favorable business and investment climate for entrepreneurship development, synergies and knowledge share.

We work with international, regional, and local partners and governments to enhance business opportunities, technology transfers and capacity building programmes to ensure business growth and sustainability of our entrepreneurs.

The EAEA exists to promote entrepreneurship and job creation in East Africa, and ensure that East Africa is a great place to do business. We here to help you thrive! Join our membership and be part of the TOO BIG TO BE IGNORED Network




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