Caution on Fraud As We Enter the Festive Season

As festive season knocks in, a number of crooks are using it as an advantage to victimize innocent people. This is the time when people can be vulnerable to scams and frauds.

East Africa Entrepreneurs Association (EAEA) has witnessed incidents of trading fake currencies especially US Dollars (USD) and other local notes more so 50,000 and 20,000 UGX notes. A number of these masqueraders appear on Saturday evening in busy areas like shopping arcades, trading centers and Market places.

There is also an incident of issuing of fake bank cheques when buying goods. Usually scammers come to you to buy your goods. You give out goods and they issue you a manipulated cheque. Sometimes they can send you an LPO from a renowned business, which is apparently fake.

Scammers and fraudsters are really counting on our lack of attention and our emotions.

East Africa Entrepreneurs Association urges the business community and the general public to always be vigilant while dealing with any new customers during this period.  


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