35th Edition of the Sahara International Agricultural Exhibition for Africa and the Middle East

While celebrating the 35th edition, Sahara continues to connect the valuable yet challenging
the agricultural industry in Egypt, Africa, and the Middle East and continuously expand to cover new
sectors in response to rising market demand such as the agricultural wastewater treatment sector,
horticulture, post-harvest, and more.
Sahara 2023 is a vital event for those who work in the agricultural industry, providing a platform
for networking, learning, and showcasing new products and technologies and attending this
the agricultural exhibition could be a game-changer for your business. Please attend as exhibitors
or hosted buyers to the 35th Edition of the Saraha agricultural exhibition for Africa and the
Middle East such that you.

Get the opportunity to meet potential partners and customers from Africa and the Middle
East. Whether you are an exhibitor or a hosted buyer, you can network with other industry
players, build new relationships, and expand your reach.

Learn about new technologies and products in the industry that are tested in the African
environment. Exhibitors often showcase the latest innovations, giving attendees a chance to see
them in action and learn about their potential benefits.

Keep up with industry trends in the market, raw materials, and packaging that suits international
standards. By attending seminars and workshops, you can learn about the latest trends and
insights, and stay ahead of the competition.

Inspire new ideas for your business. By seeing what other industry players are doing, you
can gain new insights and ideas that you may not have thought of otherwise.

Gain access to their expertise and advice, which can help you improve your own business,
and growth in the international market.

Expand your business horizons through Sahara Match-Making and networking with industry
players from different countries, you can explore new markets and opportunities that you may
not have considered before.

Build your brand. By showcasing your products and services, you can increase your visibility
and awareness, and attract new customers and partners.

Generate sales and revenue. By showcasing your products and services to a targeted
the audience, you can attract new customers and generate leads, which can ultimately lead to
increased sales and revenue.
Attending the 35th Edition of the Sahara International Agricultural Exhibition for Africa
and the Middle East as an exhibitor or hosted buyer can be a valuable investment for your
business. With the opportunity to network, learn, and showcase your products and services, you
can gain a competitive advantage and expand your reach in the industry.

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