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Any micro, small, medium or large enterprises operating in East African region is eligible for membership as a Basic member of the Association,

A member is required to only pay registration fees of Ugx.35,000 but doesn’t pay for annual subscriptions. The primary purpose for this membership level is to enable us to get comprehensive information on the various entrepreneurs operating in the region for information sharing subject to the terms and conditions of the association. Note, however that this membership category contains very limited services, and does not offer any added value services.

A Basic member gets the following benefits:

  1. Information sharing
  2. Updates on the Association’s activities.
  3. Free attendance at designated networking events, programs and other events that are indicated as open.
  4. Other benefits that the association may from time to time determine.

How to become a member
-Pay a one-time Registration fee of Ugx: 35,000.
-No Membership subscription fee

Note: Basic members are not eligible to Attend or vote at AGMs and closed members’ events.

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