Premium Membership


Premium membership is open to enterprises classified as small sized enterprises. They employee between 5 and 49 people and have total assets between UGX.10million but not exceeding 100 million.

Specific benefits of Premium members are:

All benefits enjoyed by a silver Member plus the following

  1. Business to Business (B2B) networking and linkage programs
  2. Trade Mission participation
  3. Visa Recommendations
  4. Recommendation for bidding and Tendering
  5. Recommendation in financial sourcing
  6. Participation in partially sponsored events & Exhibitions
  7. Receive the exclusive Premium member newsletter that gives insights into growing your business.
  8. An allocated space on the website.
  9. Display your company’s promotional materials and other marketing materials at our offices.
  10. Assistance in sourcing funding for your business through our networks.
  11. Lobbying and advocacy services, where the Premium member’s issue is of a nature that affects several other members’ operations.
  12. Attend and vote at general meetings of the Association.
  13. Participation in the nomination process of electing the board committees
  14. Access to donor contacts
  15. Other additional benefits that as the Association may from time to time unveil

How to become a Premium member

-Pay Registration fee of UgX.35,000
-Pay Annual Membership Subscription fee of UgX. 650,000.

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